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JPI Consulting is a small group of enthusiastic, dedicated application developers in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.  Each member of our consulting staff has spent a minimum of 10 years working for companies of varying size and in various industries, giving us the real-world experience necessary to understand your company's data needs.  This experience, together with our technical skills, helps us to create a strong liaison with our clients.

Most of our clients are located in the Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana area, giving us a local presence that helps reduce costs.  Although we focus mainly in this region of the country, we are available for other areas as well.

We also specialize in remote-access support, providing this site as a tool for our customers to communicate, share files, and submit enhancement requests.  Our staff work out of their homes, which also reduces our overhead.  This means we can offer our services at a great savings, compared to larger firms concerned with the additional overhead of running an office.


We have been incorporated since 1996, and have a strong list of client references that we would be happy to share with you.




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